In each area of service that we offer, we promise that you will receive the very best dental treatment in the industry. If the area of expertise you require isn’t covered below, let us know via the contact form. 


Pain and swelling are usually a result of the normal bacteria found in everyone’s mouth being introduced into the nerve of the tooth, jaw bone, or deep below the gums. Antibiotics can help temporarily relieve symptoms and will speed/improve healing after the underlying dental needs are completed. Treatments may include root canal, extraction, or deep root cleanings and are completed with crowns, bridges, implants, or partial/complete dentures. All of these therapeutic procedures can be treated during a single sedation visit.

Cold/Sweet Sensitivity

Teeth are normally sensitive to extreme hot, cold, sweet or acids; for example vinegar or lemon juice. Some conditions exacerbate these symptoms like gum recession, cracked teeth, or fillings and cavities. Treatments may include cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, or extractions. All of these corrective procedures can be treated during a single sedation visit.

Bleeding Gums

Most frequently bleeding gums are a result of inflammation in the gums due to plaque & tarter buildup. Cleanings are recommended every 6 months because bacteria & minerals build up on the teeth creating a rough, irregular, bacterial rich surface that aggravates the gums like a rock in your shoe. This irritates the gums to a point they bleed. A single short sedation visit can completely alleviate this issue with consistent follow up cleanings.

Bite Sensitivity

Healthy teeth are free of cracks/fractures and decay. Though teeth seem fairly hard & immovable, they actually will flex slightly when biting pressure is applied. If that bite pressure lands on a crack line it may cause a pain (zing) which is the tooth’s nerve telling you its broken and weak. More intense pain most frequently indicates that the nerve is more than irritated; it’s infected. Cavities can allow bacteria into the tooth nerve causing an infection. No problem; all treatment needed to remedy the problem can be fixed in a single sedation visit.

Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is rapidly becoming the most predictable procedure in dentistry, through dental implants. With success rates nearing 95%, almost everyone can restore their mouth to a complete smile with dental implants. Of course, dental bridges are still very predictable & functional. Partial or complete dentures can replace several or all of your teeth with a functional attractive smile. Any or all of these things can be done in a single sedation visit. For example, you may want to describe a team member’s experience, what makes a product special, or a unique service that you offer.