Benefits of sedation dentistry

Whether you feel nervous about a procedure or you’re worried that it’ll be uncomfortable, sedation can help put those fears and frustrations to rest and make your next dental appointment more pleasant. Please know that the IV sedation and medicine we use is not a new form of sedation. In fact, it is widely used in many medical fields, not just dentistry.

Dental Sedation Is Safe

Sedation dentistry is a safe practice with minimal side-effects when administered by trained professionals. Our oral health care professionals, we have received advanced training to administer IV sedation. This means you’ll be in good hands with thoroughly trained and trusted professionals.

Dental Sedation Can Reduce Anxiety

Dental anxiety is real. And naturally, if you have a fear of the dentist, you’ll want something to help you overcome that fear so you can maintain your oral health. The greatest benefit of dental sedation is that it can help calm you before, during, and after your procedure. This helps put you at ease, so you can receive the best treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Can Lower Discomfort

The anticipation of pain can make you tense up. Patients with low thresholds to pain, sensitive gag reflexes, and sensitive teeth need help to be relaxed so you can reduce your overall discomfort during any dental procedure and actually feel better faster after treatment.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation Is Highly Effective And Fast

We have found that IV sedation has been the most preferred method of relaxation for our patients. IV sedation helps further reduce anxiety and discomfort. During IV sedation, a board-certified dentist with advanced training and licensure will sedate the patient. The medication acts fast as it enters the bloodstream. Under IV sedation, patients will still be conscious, but much less aware during the visit.

No More Ineffective Sedation

You may have experienced not feeling entirely numb for a dental procedure. Perhaps you had to endure pain, anxiety, or criticism from dentists in the past. This will NEVER be an issue with IV sedation.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation Makes you comfortable in minutes

You may have tried oral sedation with pills and laughing gas in the past and still felt inadequately relaxed or comfortable. Oral sedation can be frustrating because the effect of sedation pills can vary from one person to another. A dose that may cause one person to feel deeply relaxed and comfortable may only have a minor effect on another person. Additionally, oral sedation requires waiting 45-60 minutes for the medication to take effect. If after that time you are not sufficiently comfortable, you’ll have to take more medication and wait another 45-60 minutes. This will never happen with IV sedation. IV sedation medications take effect in less than a minute and the dose is adjusted constantly throughout the procedure to ensure you achieve the ideal state of relaxation and comfort.